IC Chip for Electricity Meter

The FM2306A series IC chip is an ASIC chip for multi-rate watt-hour meters. The chip core adopts RISC architecture. At the same time, it integrates the clock and data EEPROM into the chip, which can reduce the interference of bus and improve the reliability of system. The meter manufacturer favors the FM2306A series IC chip.

Regarding the FM2306A IC chip, our company provides the multi-rate watt-hour meter manufacturer with the single chip solutions of low cost and high reliability. This ASIC chip can meet the standards of single phase multi-rate watt-hour meter in any region. Simultaneously, it supports the multi rate of electromechanical meter and full electronic energy meter. Also, it can directly drive the register, LED and LCD. Moreover, this IC chip can provide such functions as precise time control, time-stage management, energy statistics, data maintenance, programming configuration, pulse output, meter-constant setup, as well as infrared or 485 communications, and some others.

This IC chip has passed the detection from Beijing Electric Power Research Institute, Shanghai Meter Factory, and Jiangsu Electric Power Research Institute. Our product has been sold abroad.

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