IC Card Chip

The financial IC card possesses numerous advantages. Firstly, it owns a unified, normative and authoritative standard. Secondly, both card and terminal keep in line with the safety technology standard. The Bank Card Test Center has the corresponding authority. Thirdly, this card is convenient and economical. It mainly features plenty of application network points, convenient consumption and recharge, multiple applications, as well as significant reduction of social costs.

Due to the above characteristics, the financial IC card can fully meet the requirements of the development of IC cards. In the future several years, the Chinese financial IC card will enter the rapid development stage. Among them, the convergence of multi applications and multi industries will be the key direction for the development of financial IC card. The applications for convergence include public transportation, education, financial cards and social security like medical care, endowment insurance, directed grants and some others.

As a domestic leading IC card chip design company, Fudan Microelectronics insists on the concept of better chips making better future and always provides our best product selection. In this IC card chip field, we own strong R&D capabilities and extensive production line. Regarding our smart card chip and IC card chip product lines, our company has developed over 20 products since the first IC card chip was launched in 1999. The shipments of IC card chips have accumulated over 800 million pieces. Our company is one of the suppliers who can provide the most complete IC card chip products in China. Our products include memory cards, CPU cards, as well as contact, contactless or dual interface cards. Moreover, we can provide the contactless reader chip.

The sales volume of contactless logic secured memory card chip (M1) single chip has reached over 500 million pieces, which occupies more than 50% of the Chinese market share excluding the second generation identification. Furthermore, over 30 million pieces of contactless chip with CPU have been sold, the market share of which ranks the first. The shipments of contactless chip with CPU in construction case also rank the first in China. The sales volume of contactless reader chips has reached over 5 million pieces, covering more than 50% of the domestic market share. The smart card chips of Fudan Microelectronics have distinguished performance in such areas as public transportation, medical insurance, identity recognition, e-consumer and some others.

In financial industry, we think better IC card chip should possess the following technical characteristics.
1. High performance CPU allows the card to accomplish the complex transactions in the shortest time.
2. With dual communication interface, this IC card chip can support both contact and contactless transactions.
3. To ensure high security, the chip must possess strong anti-attack capability.
4. Large memory capacity helps this product support more applications.
5. The chip also supports asymmetric algorithm, such as PKI.

This financial IC card chip design requires two key technologies.
The first one is security anti-attack technology, including the security algorithm DES and RSA attack resistant design like SPA/DPA and FA, as well as the protection of chips against the physical, logical and other attack methods.

The other one is the chip's high performance and low power dissipation balanced design technology. In other words, this card chip must satisfy both contactless performance and complex applications at the same time.

Fudan Microelectronics Company takes a leading position in these two technologies in China. In 2006, Fudan Microelectronics launched the FM1208 contactless CPU card chip. This product became the first domestic contactless CPU chip officially used for business, ensuring the domestic leading position of Fudan Microelectronics as a contactless CPU chip supplier. In the past four years, its shipments have been over 50% of the Chinese market, which makes our company become the largest contactless CPU chip supplier.

In 2009, Fudan Microelectronics officially released the FM12 series dual interface platform product. This product series holds several domestic pioneering technologies. It not only supports the dual interface (contact or contactless) applications, but also can individually support the contactless or contact application. This product completely accords with such PBOC2.0 standards as electronic wallet/electronic deposit, debit or credit, electronic cash, and QPBOC/MSD, as well as all kinds of industry specifications. It can be widely applicable to public transportation, medical care and social security (citizen cards), commercial payments, access control system, bank finance, identity recognition and other areas. Our product can provide strong chip level assurance for the industry convergence and also creating the multi-environment applications of smart cards.

Typical Applications of FM1216 or FM1232 Series
ClassificationApplication FieldsCorresponding Product
Contact TypeContact financial IC cards
Social security cards (8K or 16 K)
Contactless TypeIt can be applicable to micro-payment bank cards, transportation cards, business cards and some others. (PBOC2.0 electronic wallet)

Contactless payment cards or bank cards in line with QPBOC standard
Dual Interface TypeStandard financial IC cards (PBOC2.0 standard debit or credit, electronic cash, QPBOC/MSD)
Multi-application cards, such as citizen cards, bank cards, social security cards, as well as CPU cards in construction case
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