Public Transport Card Chip

From September, Fudan Microelectronics will provide Anhui Province Fuyang City, Bengbu City, Huainan City and Huaibei City with 40 thousand pieces of public transport card chips. Then, citizens from Shanghai and the four cities mentioned above can swipe the transportation cards at freedom to pay the fares in these cities.

Fudan Microelectronics has made distinguished achievements in public transport card chip field. For instance, the public transport card executed in Shanghai for years adopted our FM11RF08SH contactless chip. At present, our company is still the exclusive supplier of Shanghai Metro one-way ticket. In use of high-difficulty technology and new production process, these contactless tickets make our company always maintain the leading level in the domestic contactless chip market.

This time, the public transport card newly issued by Fuyang and other three cities will also select our FM11RF08SH contactless chip, which will use the unified key management system together with Shanghai District public transport card. Thus, this card can achieve the interoperability and generality among these cities, which has greatly improved the traffic interconnection among Shanghai and its surrounding cities. In addition, Wuxi City has also already cooperated with Shanghai to realize the bus card interoperability. The bus card interoperability of these six cities has shortened the distance between cities and made a big step forward on intercity interconnection.

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