Mobile Phone with IC Chip

Now, the bus card can be replaced by our mobile phone for swiping on the underground, bus, taxi and other places. On 22th September, this real meaning of the first mobile phone for swiping, called "Swiping Phone" officially came into the market, which was developed by Fudan Microelectronics, Shanghai Unicom, and Shanghai Public Transportation Card Company. This kind of mobile phone contains the Fudan Microelectronics SMAP IC chip, which possesses the functions of bus card. Thus, it can be used on all bus card swipe machines in Shanghai. Moreover, our users can feel convenient to query the bus card balance and find out approximately 10 records of bus card transaction. Through this kind of mobile phone with IC chip, the transportation card can be recharged.

According to introduction, the first batch of 4000 "Swiping Phones" has already gone on sale in all shopping halls. The "Swiping Phone" possesses three functions. It is not only a mobile phone, but also acts as a bus card for use. Simultaneously, it can be considered as a "Unicom Type" smart scorecard. Users can change "Unicom Type" credits through the Unicom calling credits, cash, Alipay account, or 99Bill account. Also, this phone makes all kinds of products and services be exchanged from the "Unicom Type" merchants, achieving mobile payment function. It is reported that Shanghai Unicom will gradually expand the range for the use of "Swiping Phone" and cooperate with financial institutions and Oriental Culture Card for payment and mobile ticketing. At the same time, Shanghai Unicom will introduce more types of "Swiping Phone", which will also launch the 3G mobile phone with swiping function in due time.

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