This RFID technology offers free health examination to both children and adults with intellectual disabilities, which can help promote the Healthy Athletes Program organized by Special Olympics.

For the first time, RFID card system was applicable to the 2007 Shanghai Special Olympics World Summer Games. Paper documents not only waste time but also prone to make mistakes. However, this RFID card system can reduce reliance on paper documents. For instance, volunteers usually help our athletes make physical examination registration. Athletes, volunteers and doctors come from different countries. The language barriers sometimes may lead to misunderstandings. After the doctor fills out the inspection results in the check table, documents will be collected in the data entry room, and information will be input to the database manually. Aldis Berzins, who is the IT director of Special Olympics, said that this process involved handwritten information and manual data input, so it was possible that error message may be written in the medical record.

When athletes are being checked at present, they will receive an ID card of healthy athletes with RFID functions. This RFID card contains their names, ages, nationalities and other information. This system can not only provide automatic registration function, but also improve the information management of Medical Services Department. In addition, in the Special Olympic Games, the RFID ID card can be also used as the contactless access control card accessible to sports events and information kiosk.

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