Fudan Microelectronics was the first domestic company to successfully develop our own 13.56MHz high frequency RFID chip supporting the national RFID dedicated cryptographic algorithm. This RFID chip mainly includes modulator and demodulator circuits, clock generator, voltage regulator, reset circuit, digital control module, encoding and decoding circuits, CRC circuit, access control circuit, random number generator, EEPROM, as well as the security module with the national RFID dedicated cryptographic algorithm and some others. Also, this chip is compatible with the contactless communication protocol ISO/IEC 14443-A. Its EEPROM capacity is 1KByte.

This RFID chip is widely applicable to electronic tickets, personnel management, commercial payments, banking finance, identity recognition, public transportation, logistics transportation, security and anti-counterfeiting system, access control system and other fields. It is currently the first RFID chip that supports the domestic algorithm. In 2008, Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup selected this product and also applied this safe and advanced RFID chip to the electronic ticket. Totally over 100 thousand RFID electronic tickets with this type of contactless chips have been issued and used. Due to its great using effects, the ticket with our chip can not only effectively avoid the negative effects resulted from the fake tickets and other unsafe factors, but also offer convenience to the electronic information management and make the event organizers extremely satisfied. The successful application of this product in the 2008 Shanghai Tennis Masters Cup has laid a solid foundation for various applications of the national RFID dedicated cryptographic algorithm based RFID chip in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and other large scale exhibitions.

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