Quality Policy
1. The survival of our company is based on providing customers with satisfying products and services.
2. The customer development is the foundation of our company development.
3. The sustainable business principle of our company is to safeguard the environment that both our company and customers rely on.

Connotation of Quality Policy
1. The customer-oriented concept is the key to obtain the necessary operating income and long-term customer trust, which is also the basis to compete with other competitors.
2. With the development of our customers, the further requirements will be formed. Meeting these requirements by organizing resources is the fundamental of the company development.
3. The environment is the fundamental for both our company and customers to achieve sustainable development. Thus, environment protection is the premise of sustainable management of our company.

Quality Objectives
1. Our product performance is in full compliance with the design requirements. We can provide our customers with competitive products in the international market.
2. The average outgoing quality level of our plastic package product can reach less than 50PPM. Our module and card type products possess the average outgoing quality level of below 80PPM.
3. Once we receive the service requirements or complaints from our customers, the response time will be no more than 24 hours. The reversion rate can reach 100% within 5 workdays and the completion rate of closed loop must be 80% within 10 workdays. These results must make our customers satisfied.
4. Both our products and services must satisfy our customers with the customer satisfaction rate of over 98%.
5. Our plastic package circuit products keep in line with RoHS and REACH standards. The module products can meet the RoHS standards.
6. All market products accord with the HSF requirements that we have promised to our customers. The events that do not meet the HSF requirements must be zero.

Main Products