Subway Card

On 10th September 2010, Shenyang Metro issued the IC card key of the Ministry of Housing and Urban, and launched the subway card project. After rigorous testing and certification of the owners for several months, Fudan Microelectronics FM1208 contactless chip with CPU became the designated subway card chip of the Shenyang Metro. The first batch of 110 thousand subway cards has been officially delivered to our users.

This FM1208 contactless chip of Fudan Microelectronics has been introduced for approximately three years. During this period, the cumulative shipments have surpassed 30 million. This selection of contactless smart card chip is mainly used in such construction fields as urban public transport system, metro rechargeable ticket, financial payment, identity recognition and other areas.

As a domestic supplier of the most complete metro ticket products, Fudan Microelectronics has successively provided over 60 million single tickets and rechargeable tickets for Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and some others in recent years. This time, the batch of FM1208 series product will be delivered to Shenyang City which is a northeast important city and also a new added city in the metro client list of Fudan Microelectronics.

Fudan Microelectronics always shoulders the responsibility for providing better smart card chips. Up to now, our company has supplied totally over 800 million pieces of IC card chips for the market. Since their introduction, both RF1108 series and FM1208 series chips of Fudan Microelectronics have occupied the first position in terms of the market share for a long time. The market share of our contactless reader chip has surpassed 50% for 2 consecutive years.

In addition to better chip products provided, the concept of technical services of Fudan Microelectronics is deeply recognized in the whole industry. Fudan Microelectronics was granted as the Excellent Service Units of Shanghai Metro. The reason why Shenyang Subway Company selected our Fudan Microelectronics as the ticket supplier is that the company highly recognized our technical strength and service capabilities during the process of testing and certification.

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