City Card

The Hefei City Card project has already begun to invite bids. This project adopts the contactless CPU card with the issued card quantity of about 1 million pieces. Hefei is the first pilot city for the Ministry of Construction promoting the contactless CPU card. Now both FM1208 contactless chip and chip operating system of our company are designated by Hefei City Card project.

The FM1208 series contactless chip is a single interface card chip designed and developed by our company. It is compliant with ISO14443-A protocol. Its CPU command is compatible with 8051 instruction. Moreover, our product contains the hardware DES coprocessor and the EEPROM with the data memory of 8K byte. This smart card chip is a contactless chip with CPU, and it meets the bank standard. Its chip operating system simultaneously supports PBOC2.0 standard (electronic wallet) and the IC card standards of the Ministry of Construction, which possesses high security.

The City Card can be firstly used for taking the bus, as well as paying both water and gas charges. Based on the forward planning target, this product will be mainly applicable to the key industries in three main areas, including the government services, public utilities, as well as financial payments.

This project is an important breakthrough in the city card field after our contactless CPU card was applied to Chongqing Zhangzhongxing Project. Also, the project is of great significance for us to promote our product in this area. In addition, the Tangshan City Card project has also already started to use the FM1208 contactless card with CPU of our company.

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