Dynamic Security Card Chip

Based on the market demand, the self developed "Dynamic Security Card Chip" by Fudan Microelectronics passed the examination and test from the State Cryptography Administration. This smart card chip was named SSX1009 Dynamic Security Card Chip.

This security card chip supported the SM3 algorithm that was approved by the State Cryptography Administration. The chip contained the embedded high performance MCU, high precision hardware RTC (Real Time Clock), as well as the LCD driver and other circuits. Thus, it could meet the needs of dynamic token product for high security, high stability, low power consumption and other aspects, providing this dynamic token product with single chip solutions.

This security card chip could be extensively applicable to the finance, securities, telecommunications, e-commerce, enterprise security, online games and other areas.

On 9th October 2005, Fudan Microelectronics achieved the Production License of Commercial Cryptology Products. On 14th May 2007, our company got the Sales License of Commercial Cryptology Products. Therefore, we could carry out the development, production and sales of commercial cryptology products. Fudan Microelectronics would continuously make efforts for the development of this style of smart card chip.

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