900MHz RFID Chip

Recently, Fudan Microelectronics has successfully developed the ultra high frequency 900MHz RFID chip. The advent of this chip is of great significance, which represents that the Chinese RFID product has made a solid step forward on the target of "Made in China".

The ultra high frequency 900MHz and long distance electronic tag is a RFID tag with the widest application prospect in the future. It can be extensively applicable to the modern logistics management, retail commodity supply management, civil aviation baggage tracking management, automatic highway toll collection, commodity anti-counterfeiting, electronic tickets and other areas. Over the next 5 years, the Chinese market will have huge requirements. The expert predicted that 50 billion yuan of huge market would be formed. At present, all products used in China are imported.

The typical technology of 900MHz RFID chips launched by Fudan Microelectronics has reached the international advanced level. The product series supports several protocol standards and its operating distance can reach over 3m. Based on it, our company also successfully developed the super high frequency RFID reader that is compatible with numerous foreign RFID chip products.

Fudan Microelectronics owns a team of the domestic best talents in integrated circuit design, which maintains the leading position in the IC card chip field. So far, our company has developed the 0.5K/1K/4K memory capacity, 13.56M compliant with both 1444 - 3 Type A/B and 15693 standards, as well as 900M radio frequency chips. Also, we have developed the universal card reader module chip and the high frequency reader. As an integrated circuit company, we own the most complete radio frequency chip products in China.

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