Social Security Card and Debit Card

A few days ago, Tianjin City launched the first social security and financial integrated IC card in China. Fudan Microelectronics was lucky to be the supplier of this card chip. In comparison with the social security cards issued before, the most striking feature of this social security and financial integrated IC card is its combination of social security card chip and debit card chip. In particular, this smart card chip can support the contactless application of financial card, or the electronic wallet in accordance with Unionpay QPBOC standard. Fudan Microelectronics provided this contactless chip with the solutions for loading of single chip in two different industry applications.

This smart card chip launched by Fudan Microelectronics was a domestic initiative, which supported SM1, SSF33 and 3DES cryptographic algorithm and UCE general encryption engine. Simultaneously, it passed the highest security level of EAL4+ certification in China and achieved the national commercial encryption products certificate. Also, it complied with PBOC2.0 standard of the People's Bank of China, as well as the Social Security IC Card Standard of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, which supported multiple applications such as social security, finance, micro payments and some others. Moreover, this chip provided multiple master control modes and then solved the problem of multi card issuers, so it is extremely suitable for acting as the smart IC card chip issued by banks.

This new type social security card launched by Tianjin City not only solved the disconnection problem of traditional Medicare cards and bank card functions, but also provided the social security and financial integrated IC card with the technology platform of the increasingly improving functions. This social security card with financial functions can be used as the conventional Medicare card, which can also serve for micro payments in shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment venues and other places.

Fudan Microelectronics was founded in 1998 and became the first domestic professional chip design company listed in Hong Kong. Since its establishment, our company has gathered plenty of high-end chip design personnel and adopted the most advanced chip design system in this industry. Under the business concept of no factory, we always focus on the IC design and development. To ensure the world class product quality, all chips designed by our company are produced in the world's leading wafer foundry and module factory, which have also undergone the strict testing procedure. So far, Fudan Microelectronics products have been sold to over 30 countries and provided both domestic and foreign customers with more than 1 billion pieces of IC chips and 5 hundred million pieces of memory chips. Among them, the quantity of contactless IC card chips has been over 4 hundred million and the quantity of contactless CPU card chip has been approximately 1 hundred million.

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