CPU Card, Mobile Phone

As a leading supplier in this contactless smart card field, Fudan Microelectronics focused on displaying the single interface contactless CPU card, SWAP mobile phone and other series RFID new products and application systems at the 10th China International Smart Cards Exposition and the 5th China Beijing RFID International Summit.

On 30th December 2006, the contactless CPU card ePASS card introduced by Fudan Microelectronics passed the detection of PBOC2.0 electronic wallet or bankbook IC card from the bank card testing center of People's bank of China. It has become the first single interface contactless CPU card that has passed the project test since the People's bank of China put the PBOC2.0 standard into effect. Now China banking is carrying out EMV migration. In other words, the magnetic stripe card used for bank card before will be replaced by the EMV standard IC card, because of such factors as no resistance to abrasion, weak confidentiality and some others. This contactless CPU card of Fudan Microelectronics passing the test is of great significance to the Chinese EMV migration process. Simultaneously, this type chip is compatible with the current contactless card chip, thus providing extremely high system compatibility for the available contactless card system being upgraded to contactless CPU card system. Also, it can greatly reduce the system upgrade costs.

Furthermore, Fudan Microelectronics aspired to the technical development of NFC solutions in China. In July 2006, we joined NFC FORUM. Currently we have independently developed both SMAP1.0 and SMAP1.5 smart phone mobile application platform. Soon we will introduce the single chip solution supporting the international standard. Up to now SMAP has been applicable to the anti counterfeiting and micro payments.

At this exhibition, we mainly introduced the FM1208 series single interface contactless CPU card as well as the SMAP mobile phone. Especially the SMAP mobile phone became the focus among all businesses. At the show site, the exhibition stand of Fudan Microelectronics was crowded with people who wanted to ask about the mobile application product with credit card payment function. We have already cooperated with numerous manufacturers for this SMPA1.0 mobile phone. This product achieved such functions as authentication, wine anti-counterfeiting, logistics tracking, micro payments and some others. Nowadays the mobile phone supporting Personal Handphone System or C network has entered the commercial stage, which will also support G network soon. This technology helps install both electronic tag and electronic tag read-write device internally in the mobile phone, which makes the electronic tag read-write device be found everywhere. Also, it can read out and modify the information data of contactless card. We believe that SMAP will finally become the next killer application of wireless payments and handheld devices.

Product Characteristics
This FM1208 series single interface contactless CPU card supports ISO14443-A protocol and hardware DES coprocessor. With the internally installed 8Kbyte EEPROM, it can satisfy 100,000 times of erase and write as well as 10 years of data memory, which is a contactless CPU card in line with the bank standard. This card can be compatible with ISO14443 type A standard, which also supports PBOC 2.0 electronic wallet and the IC card application specification of construction. With the market development, the contactless CPU card will gradually substitute for the existing contact card. In comparison with the ordinary contact memory cards, the contactless CPU card has achieved the stage breakthrough in such respects as information processing capacity, security and story performance.

The SMAP mobile phone is also a new highlight at this exhibition. This smart mobile application platform is independently developed and produced by Fudan Microelectronics, which is a technical solution especially proposed for the combination of RFID application and mobile communication. It aims to form a new generation killer app. Currently the SMAP1.0 mobile phone introduced into the market can be used for authentication, wine anti-counterfeiting, logistics tracking, micro payments and other areas.

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