Embedded Microprocessor

Recently the high performance 32-bit embedded microprocessor, called "Shenwei Ⅰ" has been successfully developed by Fudan Microelectronics and passed the product identification from Shanghai Municipal Economic Commission on 20th November. This embedded microprocessor can represent the highest level of the domestic CISC architecture CPU development.

CPU is the brain and heart of a computer, which is the core component of the modern information equipment and products for math operation, data processing and data memory. In the past, China had no great breakthrough in the development of microprocessor technology and products that accords with the international general structure and instruction set. To break the monopoly of foreign countries for CPU core technology and significantly improve the technical level of domestic embedded microprocessor, Fudan Microelectronics gathered a large number of domestic top designers and devoted several times as many funds as the registered capital. Our company spent only over one year in successfully developing "Shenwei Ⅰ" chip by adoption of the integrated circuit design technology with fully independent intellectual property rights.

According to the expert, this chip is the typical complex circuit, which has realized the complete compatibility with the most commonly used X86 instruction set in the market. It is currently the most advanced domestic CISC microprocessor based on X86 architecture. This chip can be widely applicable to industrial automation, portable equipment, testing equipment, machine tool control, communication system, financial electronic products, intelligent terminal equipment, electronic imaging and other areas. Also, it can constitute the standard PC machine.

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