Subway Card Chip

The subway card chip available for Shanghai Metro will reduce its size from the original half sesame to one third of sesame. According to Wang Ziqiang, who is the deputy general manager of Shanghai Metro Transportation Management Center, 300,000 pieces of subway card have been made of new type smart card chips until now. These one-way tickets are used in good condition, which will be promoted in the second half of the year.

In 2005, Shanghai Metro cooperated with Fudan Microelectronics Company. The area of subway card chip is 0.8×0.8mm, equivalent to the half sesame. After that, the area of chip has ever been reduced to 0.6×0.6mm. According to reports, the new type smart card chip only has the area of 0.5×0.5mm that amounts to one third of sesame. The larger area of chip may make it be damaged more easily. After the further shrinkage of chip area, the loss rate of tickets will be reduced to less than 1‰. Wang Ziqiang said that the silicon chip as the raw material of chip would be also significantly saved after the chip area reduction. The production costs of one-way tickets will be decreased from 2.8 yuan per piece to 2.19 yuan.

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