FM2141 Integrated Circuit (IC for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)

FM2141 Integrated Circuit (IC for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)

Our FM2141 integrated circuit is a low power controller for AC receptacle ground fault circuit interrupters. This IC detects hazardous current paths to ground and ground to neutral faults. The circuit interrupter then disconnects the load from the line before a harmful or lethal shock occurs.

FM2141 integrated circuit contains a diode rectifier, shunt regulator, precision sense amplifier, current reference, time delay circuit and SCR driver internally. Two sense transformers, SCR, solenoid, three resistors and four capacitors complete the design of the basic circuit interrupter.

The simple layout and minimum components insure ease of application and long term reliability. Features not found in other GFCI controllers include a low offset voltage sense amplifier eliminating the need for a coupling capacitor between the sense transformer and sense amplifier, and an internal rectifier to eliminate high voltage rectifying diodes.

As a kind of ASIC for ground fault circuit interrupter, this integrated circuit is powered only during the positive half period of the lie voltage, but can sense current faults independent of its phase relative to the line voltage. The gate of the SCR is driven only during the positive half cycle of the line voltage.

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