Non-Volatile Memory

Our FM24CXX series EEPROM is one of the key non-volatile memory product lines of this company. As the first EEPROM supplier in mainland China, this company has accumulated rich experience in serial EEPROM product design, test and QA since it launched the FM24C02 in 1998.

The product capacity of 2-wires EEPROM covers from 2K bits to 1024K bits, while the working voltages are from 1.7V to 5.5V. The 3-wires EEPROM possesses the product capacity range from 2K bits to 8K bits. Moreover, NOR flash was launched in the last year. The segmented product lines are available for the application of different industries. The complete packaging is consistent with international environmental protection requirements. Due to its perfect quality management, excellent component supplier, sound channel management and outstanding customer service, FM's non-volatile memory has won the trust of many domestic and international first class customers. Also, this company has become the largest supplier of non-volatile memory in China.

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Non-volatile Storage | NVM | Nonvolatile Memory | Memory to Retain Information
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