16K Smart Card Chip

At the 2010 China International Smart Cards and RFID Exposition, Fudan Microelectronics launched our newly developed 16K dual interface smart card chip. This smart card chip is a domestic initiative and keeps in line with both financial and social security standards. It has been approved by the EAL4+ security level certification, as well as PBOC2.0 certification with RSA algorithm. Also, it has achieved the Commercial Cryptology Product Model Certificate from the State Cryptography Administration.

Fudan Microelectronics insists on the corporate philosophy of better chips making better future and manages to produce the best chip product. In the past over a decade, our company has successively introduced over 20 types of contact or contactless IC cards and IC card reader chips. In comparison with the similar products of domestic or foreign manufacturers, our smart card chip possesses better performance/price ratio. According to statistics, the shipments of both contactless memory cards and CPU cards of Fudan Microelectronics come to the fore in the Chinese market. So far, the cumulative shipments have surpassed 800 million, making great contributions to the development of Chinese IC card industry.

In 2006, Fudan Microelectronics took the lead in launching the FM1208 contactless chip with CPU. This FM1208 product has been widely applicable to the urban public transportation, citizen cards, micro payments, credentials and other areas. With the shipments of over 20 million pieces, it has become the domestic mainstream product. This time, Fudan Micro took the lead at home and abroad again in introducing 16K smart card chip. This chip has expanded the application field of domestic CPU card chips and gained wide attention of the whole industry. Once this chip achieves mass production, it will provide the Chinese market with the real meaning of smart card chip with the functionality of both industry convergence and multi-environment application.

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