Integrated Circuit Chip (Chip for Contactless Reader)

Integrated Circuit Chip (Chip for Contactless Reader)

This FM17XX series integrated circuit chip is designed for contactless readers. As common serial reader ICs for contactless communications based on ISO14443, the IC chip takes 0.6µm CMOS EEPROM processing technology.

The integrated circuit chip supports all layers of ISO14443 type A or type B and ISO15693 on 13.56MHz. M1 and SH security arithmetic are both supported. The FM17XX family internal highly integrated analog circuitry for modulating or demodulating and thus they can work with the least peripheral circuitry. They support six types of µ-Processor interface. The digital part has two kinds of voltage operation modes, including TTL and CMOS mode. Our integrated circuit chip is compatible with RC500, RC530, RC531 and RC632 of Philips. The FM17XX serial reader ICs is optimized for use in public transport, variously charging payment card and comparable applications using contactless communication.

An outstanding feature of the contactless reader chip is the lowest operation voltage of all three supplies of theirs reaching up to 2.9V. It lays over anything else of the kind.

As a professional integrated circuit chip manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer contact IC card chip, EEPROM, ASIC for power meters, leakage protection circuit, and much more.

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