FM11RF005U IC Card Chip (Contactless Chip with 512 Bit EEPROM)

FM11RF005U IC Card Chip (Contactless Chip with 512 Bit EEPROM)

This FM11RF005U series IC card chip is a contactless chip for various IC cards. It accords with ISO14443 Type-A developed by Shanghai FM Co., Ltd.. This contactless IC card chip has 512 bits EEPROM organization. The maximum communication range between the reader antenna and contactless card is an estimated 10cm. Data is exchanged half duplex at a 106-kbit/s rate.

Depending on the field programmable read-only locking and One Time Programmable (OTP) function, the IC card chip can provide advanced security level and logical transaction function. As a style of multi-application card, it is widely used in the low-cost field of city public transport, variously charging payment card, data acquisition systems and comparable application.

The contactless smart card consists of three parts, including FM11RF005U IC card chip, antenna and the card base with PVC or PET material. No battery is needed. When the contactless smart card chip is positioned in proximity of the coupling device antenna, the high speed RF communication interface allows transmitting data with 106 Kbit/s.

As a specialized 512 bits contactless IC card chips manufacturer and supplier in China, Fudan Microelectronics also provides 256 bytes memory card chip, 1M-bit flash memory, ASIC design service, 104bits SIM card chip, and much more.

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