FM11RF08 IC Card Chip (Contactless Chip with 8K EEPROM)

FM11RF08 IC Card Chip (Contactless Chip with 8K EEPROM)

This FM11RF08 series IC card chip is a contactless chip produced in accordance with ISO14443 Type A development by Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Co., Ltd.. This IC card chip owns 1K×8bits EEPROM organization. The maximum communication range between the reader antenna and contactless card is approximately 10cm.

The contactless IC card chip also has a very high security performance with the encryption and communication circuit. It is a true multi-application smart card chip, providing the functionality of a processor card realized with hardware logic. Thus, our contactless chips can be especially tailored to meet the requirements of a payment card which can be used for ticketing systems in public transport and comparable application.

The contactless smart card contains three components, including FM11RF08 IC card chip, antenna and the card base with PVC or PET material. No battery is needed. When the IC card chip is positioned in proximity of the coupling device antenna, the high speed RF communication interface allows transmitting data with 106-Kbit/s.

As an experienced 8Kbits contactless IC card chip manufacturer and supplier in China, Fudan Microelectronics offers a comprehensive range of products, including 8Kbits memory card chip, serial EEPROM, SIM card chip, etc.

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